Wednesday, 29 October 2014

All Hallow's Read. My Autumnal Reading Materials.

Inspired by the tradition (which I have only just discovered) of 'All Hallow's Read', the Neil Gaiman promoted idea of giving someone the gift of a scary book for Halloween, I am going to share my Halloween reads, and the bookish gifts I will be giving.

I already give books as gifts to all my nearest and dearest every Christmas, whether they like it or not (often with something else more showy!), and very much like the idea of sharing my obsession and giving my family a gift that I know is good for them (even if they don't know it yet), on Halloween too. I actually don't have that many people to buy gifts for at Christmas (discounting secret Santa nonsense) and plan on only harassing my parents with a Halloween book for 'All Hallow's Read'. The more opportunities to spread the book love, and offer some solace for the soul (in the form of bookish medicine) the better.

Firstly, my own selfish bookish needs.
As it is half term where I am, and I am gloriously free for 9 days, I have decided to take part in a self imposed reading challenge for Halloween week. I am not usually such a nerd for this particular holiday, but I think I have Christmas hysteria already, and am placing my excitement wherever there is space. I am actually relatively excited about the combined forces of extra books/spookiness/chocolate/freedom and a good old challenge.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Cookbook Love & Food Porn

I love books, I love cooking, I love cookbooks. My obsession with cookbooks, and food in general, has gained momentum since I jumped onto the Pinterest bandwagon, and I am now prone to flooding my profile with food porn pictures (rather than the fiction I am equally addicted to). I assume that as you read this, whatever the date, my Pinterest sidebar is at least half food pictures.

Gratuitous Food Porn - blackberry shortcake
I have added some gratuitous food porn pictures here for you to peruse, maybe from now on a mouth watering food shot should be included at every page break? 

My Pinterest food porn binges relate to how I am feeling, and fall into one of two categories accordingly; bright, fresh, healthy food OR.....cake. I actually find that when my cake craving level is pushing maximum density, a good cake porn tagging binge can help release a bit of pressure until the craving passes. Likewise, checking out the vibrant, unrealistically gorgeous-looking healthy food porn can make me feel miraculously cleansed, and gives a (false) sense of wellness. The things we do for a flat stomach (anything but burpees). 

I like to pin a chef/cookbook that I am particularly partial to, and then crazily pin lots of their yummy recipe pictures (and some others I find along the way), at least this way everything relates back to books again - very much my bag. I have an extensive collection of cookbooks in real life, so it is all an offshoot of my obsessions.