Saturday, 28 February 2015

On Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall and Bringing Up the Bodies
I watched the final episode of the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall last night, a few days after the initial flurry of internet activity following the events that we all knew would bookend the short series. The final moments of the final episode have stayed with me, and I woke up still feeling slightly disturbed and emotional by the way everything played out. At the same time I feel desperate for more - surely the author, Hilary Mantel, can release the final book 'The Mirror and the Light' a little early for us?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Current 'To Read' Pile

My Literal 'to read' Pile
"It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read" - Lemony Snicket

I have a never-ending/ever increasing TBR pile, as mentioned here, and a equally silly Amazon wish list that I splurge on now and again (understatement). I thought a list here would be fitting as I am having trouble choosing, more so now than ever as so many new books are appearing that I am desperate to read. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Literary Field Trip - Top 10 places to visit as a book lover, Part 2.

Literary Field Trip
This is part 2 of the only list you will ever need when embarking on a real or metaphorical literary trip. I hasten to add, this is all in no particular order. It would depend on your mood and frame of mind on the day I think. Find part 1 here.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Literary Field Trip - Top 10 places to visit as a book lover, Part 1.

Literary Field Trip to anywhere

I got the inspiration for this blog post/obvious definitive genius list of stuff, when I recalled a visit to Llandudno, in North Wales, a few years ago. We wandered from our hotel by the sea up to the Orme for an explore, and at first glance everything appeared normal - oldy worldy lampposts and benches, ice cream sellers, pretty miniature gardens, pristine sea view - all great. And then....why is there a, slightly too small, wooden table and chairs with immovable teapots on it in a wooded clearing? Why is is not marked or signposted? We walk on, but then....thrones, why are there two thrones (see picture) and a weather beaten Cheshire Cat? The Alice and Wonderland reference was obvious immediately, even if I had not read the book (I obviously had), we all suck up these cultural references somehow without even realising it. Genuinely there was no information written anywhere to explain the presence of these things, and all of them were placed oddly far apart in different clearings, and all drab and decrepit from the sea air. It was extremely weird, and we passed no other people as we walked.