Saturday, 18 April 2015

Literary Tidbits: George Orwell - Part 1

George Orwell by cartoonist Ralph Steadman

'Literary Tidbits' is going to be a regular feature I think. Its a nice way to binge on an author and revisit your favourite moments of their work. George Orwell will have the prestige of being our first literary hero - mainly because Animal Farm was on BBC 2 last night.

You only have to dip your toe into Pinterest to find a George Orwell quote, from real life rather than one of his books more often than not. The man was not only a beautifully descriptive writer, but also an old fashioned socialist - firmly on the side of the working man and loudly opposed to totalitarianism and political games (just in case you couldn't tell from reading one chapter of 1984).

Friday, 3 April 2015

A quick rambling un-review: "Pretty Monster" by Kelly Link

Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link

I often shy away from short story books as I find them frustrating. I think it is the feeling of losing characters too soon, just as I get to know them. Sometimes they are worth the extra effort your brain has to make when reading them - and you do get a lot of narrative for you money with a good book of short stories.