Monday, 9 June 2014

My 'To Read' Bookshelf

I have an extensive (and possibly excessive) 'to read' bookshelf. Somehow these books have spread to a second shelf as of late, despite me seemingly constantly having my nose in a book. There are worse things to hoard.

The few that are actually re-reads - Hogfather/Woman on the Edge of Time/Mort
The ones that are actually the bf's - The Tower/Our Cosmic Habitat/Simpsons Mathematical Secrets/A Short History
The ones that were gifts - Modern British Short Stories/Gone Girl/A Tale for the Time Being

There are also others dotted around the house, laying forgotten about underneath piles of work and strew clothes. 

The question is, what the hell do I read next?


  1. You have so many good books on your TBR shelf! I'm voting for Gone Girl {it's still in my TBR pile too!}
    You should totally make a TBR book jar then you just pop out a random choice and you'll have a good book to read :)

    Happy reading!

    1. I am dubious about Gone Girl because of the hype! It does at least look like the kind of book I would zip through in a day or two, so it is a contender. I am relatively poor at decision making. The jar thing is a good idea, or something along the same lines, as the decision would be taken out of my incompetent hands.