Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Things I Want, But Don't Need, When I Read #1

My first 'other' blog post begins and, as well all know, the first step to recovering from being a stationary whore, is to admit that you are a stationary whore. So yeah, I covet pointless lovely things, mainly stationary. 

In this case (and I am not in denial) the stationary actually is not pointless. It's a desk planner from Seeso Graphics that has only so far been is use for a week, but has been invaluable. I do feel slightly like writing 'SORT LIFE OUT' in huge letters across the delicate top page, but the exercise of planning out the week has been really helpful. The daily boxes are the perfect size and beat a dairy for me, as a diary can be (accidentally on purpose) forgotten about. 

Short and sweet. Not sponsored in any way, shape or form. Lovely. 

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